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Dragon Half OAV

Dragon Half OAV

Dragon Half OAV Anime Online

Anime Dragon Half OAV

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Summary:Mink is a cute little dragon halfling (half human/half dragon) who has the unfortunate luck to fall in love with a famous handsome idol singer (you know the type). Unfortunate, because he is also a famous dragon hunter who would like nothing better to put Mink's head on a wall. Her main goal is to find a potion that will make her completely human and will do just about anything that will give her a chance at it. High in slapstick humor and action, this series follows Mink as she pursues that potion and is pursued in turn by the dragon hunter. More

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Dragon Half OAV Episodes

Dragon Half episode 2 Mar-8-2012
Dragon Half episode 1 Mar-8-2012