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Bungaku Shoujo Memoir

Bungaku Shoujo Memoir

Bungaku Shoujo Memoir Anime Online

Anime Bungaku Shoujo Memoir

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Summary:T?ko Amano is a high school student with the strange power of being able to experience books by savoring them. While visiting the workplace of her deceased father, she stumbles upon the rejected drafts for a writing contest. One of them has such an impact on her that she asks her acquaintance there to give it one more chance. Asakura Miu lives a sad and troublesome childhood due to her parents' constant fighting. Eventually her father leaves the house and she ends up living with her bitter mother. Miu has been desperately trying to escape the harsh reality that surrounds her to the only safe place she knows: the worlds inside the books she loves. Ostracized by the kids at school due to her imaginative mind that prompts her to frequently lie, she becomes a friend of Konoha Inoue who rather than estranged, ends up fascinated by Asakura's tales. Unable to express her feelings toward the boy she likes, Nanase Kotobuki inadvertently makes it look like she hates Konoha Inoue instead. Her best friend, Kurara Mori, tries to help as Kotobuki attempts to clear the misunderstandings she has created. More

Genre: Drama, Magic, Mystery, School

Bungaku Shoujo Memoir Episodes

Bungaku Shoujo Memoir Episode 3 Mar-8-2012
Bungaku Shoujo Memoir Episode 2 Mar-8-2012
Bungaku Shoujo Memoir Episode 1 Mar-8-2012