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Akane Maniax

Akane Maniax

Akane Maniax Anime Online

Anime Akane Maniax

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Summary:Jouji Gouda is a new transfer student at Hakuryo High School. On his first day of class, he fell in love at first sight for Akane Suzumiya and boldly proposed to her on the spot. The two characters conflict with each other greatly, but Jouji never gives up and would do anything to express his love towards Akane. Although his attempts to win Akane’s love at first do nothing but anger Akane, he gradually starts to make an impression on her, inspiring Akane to be more honest about her own feelings. More

Genre: Comedy, Mecha, Romance

Akane Maniax Episodes

Akane Maniax 3 (final) Mar-8-2012
Akane Maniax 2 Mar-8-2012
Akane Maniax 1 Mar-8-2012